Arii Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
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Headquarters Saitama, Japan

Arii Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (株式会社有井製作所 Kabushiki Gaisha Arii Seisakusho) was a Japanese model manufacturer based in Saitama Prefecture. It produced various kinds of plastic models. Arii transferred its business to an affiliated company Micro Ace in 2004.


Arii was founded in 1963. It started to produce plastic model kits in 1967.

Arii produced plastic model kits of a variety of vehicles, including model aircraft, cars, ships, armored vehicles and locomotives along with science fiction models.
In addition to the metallic molds developed by Arii itself, Arii acquired many molds from the manufacturers which went bankrupt such as Otaki, LS, Eidai/Grip and Ikko.

Arii transferred its business to Micro Ace in 2004, but many plastic models were continuously sold, using Arii Brand. The plastic models which were using Micro Ace brand were increasing gradually, but some plastic models were using Arii brand until the late 2010's.


  • Aircraft : 1/144, 1/72, 1/48
  • Military vehicles : 1/76, 1/50, 1/48
  • Ships : 1/800, 1/700, 1/600
  • Automobiles : 1/32, 1/24, 1/20
  • Science Fiction & Anime : Macross, Orguss, Gamera, etc.

Old Catalog CollectionEdit

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