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Fujimi Mokei Co., Ltd. (フジミ模型株式会社 Fujimi Mokei Kabushiki Gaisha) is a Japanese model manufacturer based in Shizuoka Prefecture. It produces plastic model kits of a variety of vehicles, including model aircraft, model cars, model ships and model armored vehicles along with historical structures and science fiction kits.


Fujimi was founded in 1948 by Shigekazu Saito and Eiichi Imai as "Fujimi Mokei Kyozaisha", initially producing wooden ship models. In 1961, it started to produce plastic model kits, and the company name was changed to "Fujimi Mokei Co., Ltd.". In the 1960s, it released 1/70 and 1/50 scale airplanes, 1/550 scale warships, 1/44 scale tanks, and historical structures in various scales.

In 1970, Fujimi started producing airpcraft models in 1/72 and 1/48 scales. In 1971, it started to release the 1:700 scale Waterline series warship models along with three other Shizuoka-based model manufacturers; Tamiya, Hasegawa and Aoshima. Also in 1971, Fujimi began to produce 1:76 scale World Armour series, competing against Airfix HO/OO scale military models. In the mid-1970s, it began producing 1:20 and 1:24 scale automobile models.

In 1988, with the bankruptcy of Japanese model manufacturer Nitto, ex-Nitto 1/76 scale military models were added to Fujimi's World Armour series. In 1992, Fujimi discontinued the Waterline series and reorganized its warship models as the Sea Way Model series.


  • Aircraft : 1/144, 1/72, 1/48
  • Military vehicles : 1/76, 1/72
  • Ships : 1/700, 1/500, 1/350, 1/3000
  • Automobiles : 1/32, 1/24, 1/20, 1/16
  • Motorcycles : 1/12
  • Historical structures
  • Science Fiction mecha
  • Anime character
  • Deformed : Chibi-Maru Fleet, Chibi-Maru Military, Chibi-Maru Godzilla

US importersEdit

From the mid-1960s, UPC (Universal Powermaster Corporation) reboxed and issued 1/70 scale airplane kits. In the late 1960s, AHM (Associated Hobby Manufacturers) imported Fujimi kits into the USA and added their logo to the boxes. In 1970, Bachmann Industries became the US importer and released various Fujimi kits at the time with Bachmann/Fujimi logo. From the mid-1980s Testor Corporation imported Fujimi aircraft kits and sold them in their original packaging.


Fuimi Logo 1

Logo-1 (1961 - mid.1980s)

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Logo-2 (mid.1980s - 2017)

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Logo-3 (2017 - )

Old Catalog CollectionEdit

Fujimi 1962f

Fujimi 1962 Catalog

Fujimi 1965f

Fujimi 1965 Catalog

Fujimi 1966f

Fujimi 1966 Catalog

Fuimi 1969f

Fujimi 1969 Catalog

Fuimi 1971f

Fujimi 1971 Catalog

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Fujimi 1975 Catalog

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Fujimi 1976 Catalog

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